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Eye Masks…What Are They & How Do They Work? - QT Cosmetics

Eye Masks…What Are They & How Do They Work?

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to our skin-care routine and how we go about treating it. We’ve all been there - staying up past 2:00 AM because we can’t stop watching TikTok or sipping too many cocktails on girls’ night. How you got those under-eye circles doesn’t matter…What matters is how you can treat it.

Finding a good eye mask can be difficult…and finding one that checked all of our boxes was why Cloud Eye Gels was born. Why couldn’t there be one to do it all? Formulated by our Founder and cosmetic chemist, the main goal for Cloud Eye Gels was to create a solution to our eye mask problem.

“One or two hero ingredient-specific formulations can be good for people who want a more customized skincare regimen; however, more times than not, your skin will thrive more from a well-balanced product. When certain active ingredients react with one another, it creates a synergistic effect that can increase the ingredients’ benefits. (Read about how it works here). For QT, I wanted to create well-rounded and multi-functional products, so you can worry less about needing x, y, and z in your skincare routine for effective results.” – Kathleen, QT’s Founder & Cosmetic Chemist

What are eye masks? What do they do?

A good eye mask can be a helpful tool in your skincare regimen. The skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the body and requires special care. Eye masks essentially hold the serum they are packed in snug to the face to maximize the ingredient’s benefits. Ours are not only packed in a hydrating and de-puffing serum but the eye gels themselves are infused for the best results.

Our hydrogel Cloud Eye Gels were designed to feel as soft as a cloud and formulated with proven ingredients to help mitigate common skin concerns around the eyes. We chose these key ingredients (Read about why we love these ingredients here):

De-puffing Peptides
Vitamins C + E
Sodium Hyaluronate

Because eye masks spot treat dryness, puffiness, and dark circles, they are perfect for people who struggle with these skin issues and look to get straight to the source of the problem and remedy it. If you want a self-care moment but can’t be bothered with a nine-step skin-care routine, apply Cloud Eye Gels and stream a good Netflix show while it sets in.

When Do You Use Cloud Eye Gels?

It’s totally up to you, the day and time you choose to use Cloud Eye Gels. Some people want to put one on first thing in the morning before makeup prep, while others wear them when sitting on an airplane and taking a nap on their evening flight. Leave it on and start the rest of your morning routine whether that be journaling, meditating, walking, or drinking your fav iced coffee. This is me time. Make the most of it! Listen to your body, what it needs and when you think it is best for a little self-care. You’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine either way.

Why Use QT Cosmetics?

QT Cosmetics believes in taking care of ourselves and our planet. In our mission to create a quality gel mask using only the best ingredients, we also took the time to make our packaging 100% recyclable and cruelty-free and vegan.

Don’t just take our word for it - listen to what our customers have to say about our Cloud Eye Gels!

“My new go-to in the mornings. I have super sensitive eyes that get puffy really easily and these gels have been SO soothing for me when I need a little brightening in the mornings. I'll leave my packs in the fridge so they're cold and leave them on for 10-15 minutes. It works wonders!!” – Geneva

“These are the cutest eye masks! They are shaped like clouds and are so adorable. I do not have super puffy eyes but I still enjoyed this little eye mask. Since I placed it in my beauty fridge prior to application, it was cool to the touch. The gel mask consistency helped with that as well. After 15 minutes, I felt that my under eyes were firm and rejuvenated…” - Veronica